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All things bacon at The Machine Shed

Exterior at Machine Shed in PewaukeeI just came across some photos I took last fall when I visited The Machine Shed in Pewaukee, Wis., for lunch one day with my brother.

For those not familiar with the Shed, it’s a lot like Cracker Barrel except the food is a lot better and, many times, I find the Tchotchkes to be a lot more fun and entertaining.

I partially took these pictures because as a little gag Christmas gift in 2009 I gave Amber and Johnathan, our good friends and Milwaukee brunch buddies, a pack of bacon-flavored mints – purchased from The Machine Shed. To say the least, it was a heinous tasting gift that we got a good laugh from.

So, when I saw that they had even more bacon paraphernalia, I had to grab the camera. Here goes:

Bacon-flavored hot cocoaIts label says it all: “Oddly delicious.” The Machine Shed sells McSteven’s Cocoa Combos – a bacon-infused hot cocoa mix. If you can’t find it at the Shed, find it online for $6.95.

Bacon flavored popcornThis is probably the least scary bacon find – BaconPop. Created by J&D’s, BaconPop is the brainchild of Justin and Dave – two guys who like…err, love…bacon a bit too much. They make everything including bacon-flavored salt, soda and mayonnaise. But the niftiest product they make is bacon-flavored envelopes. Yup, no more licking envelopes that taste like the bottom of someone’s shoe. You can follow the phenomenon online at Facebook.

Bacon candles at Machine ShedNow, I’m a fan of those flowery smelling Yankee Candles as much as the next girl. However, I don’t think their R&D people are busy working on a bacon-scented candle. These candles are created with real cured bacon. (I have this image of the mug that my dad uses to save bacon fat next to the kitchen sink – didn’t think he could make money off of that by adding some wax and a wick…) Created by Aunt Sadie’s Candles, they’re touted online as being cholesterol and fat-free. Aunt Sadie also makes beer, chocolate and iced tea-scented candles.

There are more great finds at The Machine Shed – from John Deere clothing to kitschy kitchen tools. It’s a great place to shop and eat. Learn more about their six locations in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin at


3 thoughts on “All things bacon at The Machine Shed

  1. Johnathan says:

    I love Aunt Sadie’s candles. The Pumpkin Pie candle got me hooked. I quested for a Christmas Tree candle this year, but they were gone…

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