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My Triumphant Return

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago I said that I needed to take a mini-break from blogging due to health reasons. While in my absence, I thank AJ Wolfe from Disney Food Blog for serving as a wonderful guest poster. But, it has been long enough way. I’m feeling much better and I will be returning to the helm soon. For those who sent their well-wishes – THANK YOU!

I’ll be honest with you all – I have iron-deficient anemia. My blood counts were getting too low for some reason, which was causing me extreme fatigue, hair loss and other issues. As a precaution, there were a lot of blood tests done to figure out what was wrong with me. At first, my lab work looked like I might have Von Willebrand’s disease – a rare, genetic type of anemia that would make childbirth and having a baby very difficult. As many of you know, I’m trying my “eating-restructuring plan” to lose weight before Brett and I start a family. This news left me spinning through scenarios about the future. However, when the tests came back – luckily – it’s not VWD.

I have spent a few weeks now on some new iron supplementation (and more than a few pounds of liver and onions) to help raise my blood counts, and I’m feeling more like myself. I have taken to my eating restructuring plan with more vigor, tenacity and determination. I started Dr. Mike Moreno’s “17 Day Diet” on May 17. All I can say is “WOW!” I will post very soon about those results and more about the adventure soon.

But, I’ve felt like I’ve neglected this blog for the last few weeks. So I make this promise that I will return with some great recipes for a healthy smoothie, a childhood classic and a few guest surprises thrown in. Plus, updates about our Disney Cruise Line planning – the dining reservations are complete for the land-portion of our vacation.

Please stay tuned for more new content coming in the coming days and weeks!



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