Dakota’s Musings


Photo | Animal Rescue League of Boston

Check out my mommy’s doggie recipes here!

Hi, I’m Dakota. My mommy runs this cool food blog thingy. She’s been a bit busy lately because of me but she really wants to write more. She has LOTS to say. (She’s trying to translate what I’m barking right now…)

I’m an almost 4-year-old keeshond/miniature pinscher mix. Yea, that’s kinda weird, isn’t it? Mommy and Daddy adopted me from the Boston Animal Rescue League. I was SOOOO glad they did! I wasn’t a big fan of my kennel but the people there were really nice to me. I’m happy to have a new forever home even though I do miss some of my friends there! They took me for long walks around Back Bay and even taught me some agility tricks.

Oooh…something smells really good right now in the kitchen. I think she may be baking something. She likes to do that.

Dakota and Daddy for a walk

Dakota and Daddy go for a walk

Mommy and Daddy are really strict with me. My previous owners gave me lots of table food so I’m a bit of a picky eater. But, I really like my new people. They’re fun. We go for long walks and they’re awesome belly rubbers.

I’m going to be writing from time-to-time here now. So, I hope you like some of my barkings, err…musings. I know my mommy wants to bake me some homemade treats so she might even include those on her blog.


Dakota ♥

5 thoughts on “Dakota’s Musings

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  2. Hi Christina
    I work at the ARL. Dakota was my favorite dog while he was here. I came in to see him in the auditorium when you were talking with Marianne. I’ve been bugging her about whether or not she had heard any updates, so I was really happy to see your email. I’m glad you are all doing well. Thanks for making him a part of your lives. If you’re ever back in the neighborhood, please stop in to see us. I’ll check back in to his blog too
    Hugh Mulligan

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