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Waste of food: Gaga’s meat dress

Lady Gaga and Cher

Cher presents Lady Gaga (dressed in meat) MTV's VMA for video of the year.

I need to preface this with: I like Lady Gaga’s music. She’s a talented artist and performer, but her eccentricities are mucho bizarro.

At last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Gaga showed up in a meat dress. Yes, you heard that correctly. A dress made up of meat. I don’t know what else to say. I have to let the picture do the talking.

Check it out in zoom mode.

C’mon even Cher (who has made some fabulous fashion statements) looks frightened by it. PETA has, of course, said the dress was probably infested with maggots. MTV security was notified.

Now seriously, I don’t know if it actually was real meat – if it was, that’s disgusting and I’m no vegan. I’m sure whoever was sitting next to her last night knew if it was real or not because the stench under stage lights must’ve had it cooking like a teppanyaki chef.

And I just noticed this… but is that a slice of round on her head? That could have made a lovely chateaubriand tonight.


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