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El Beso Mexican Restaurante moves into old Champp’s location

Editor’s note: Greenfield NOW reports on opening date for El Beso for February 2011.

Editor’s note: Check out this photo update from Oct. 25, 2010.

Champp’s, a sports bar and restaurant in Greenfield, Wis., closed May 22, 2010. Now, work is progressing on the latest restaurant to hit 5030 S. 74th St.

The owners of El Fuego on Layton Ave. on Milwaukee’s southside will open El Beso Mexican Restaurante and Cantina. Work on the facade is going on right now to transform the sports bar into a tropical oasis. It will be the first Mexican restaurant in the Southridge Shopping Center area since Chi Chi’s closed its doors in 2004. Before Champp’s opened the location was home to a Fuddrucker’s restaurant, famous for their burgers and toppings bar.

Paul Bouraxis, the owner of El Fuego Mexican Restaurante, told BizTimes Milwaukee, “(The area) has a lot of shops,” he said. “It’s heavily populated. It’s a good location.” Bouraxis also owns Omega Burger on S. 27th St. in Franklin, Wis. He previously owned Omega Restaurant on S. 27th St. in Milwaukee.

El Beso will have an outdoor patio, fountain and palm trees. The new building has bright colors and livens up the strip mall scene nearby that includes David’s Bridal, Half Price Books and Old Country Buffet.

If we can foreshadow anything about the menu at the future El Beso Restaurante and Cantina, its sister El Fuego has a menu that includes the standard Mexican fare such as tacos, fajitas, homemade guacamole and frozen libations. Check out more about El Fuego at

Just in case you need a place to catch the Packers vs. the Bears tonight, Champp’s still operates a location on S. Moorland Road in Brookfield.


14 thoughts on “El Beso Mexican Restaurante moves into old Champp’s location

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  3. jose r. obregon says:

    hi people from the restaurant el BESO I just writing this small message for see if you guys are hiring.
    My name is jose r. obregon and Im form PERU
    THANKS .

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    • I’m not an employee or affiliated with El Beso in any way. I actually don’t live in the Milwaukee-area anymore, so I don’t know the status of when they will be calling potential hires back. Sorry!

  5. Auda says:

    We went to El Beso for lunch a month ago as a spontaneously with my family. the atmosphere was great the food was good, the staff was friendly and attentive. loved everything about El Beso…(their torte desserts are AMAZING) my husband and i decided to drive a little further and try out the sister resturant El Feugo last night for “date night”. at 7 pm the place was packed (hard to find a parking spot) but the wait for a table was only 5-10 mins. we were seated in a room off the main room (which had some interesting decor and a beautiful mural, but was nothing compared to El beso’s atmosphere…) we saw the fountain outside for the patio seating and thought that it looked cool… when we got to our table i felt disappointed. it was a rinky dink table with rinky dink chairs near a large window with a sort of thatched window blind…(the decor was minimal, and it felt more like a cafeteria, or bistro… it was so loud i actually had to shout across the table to my husband in order to have any sort of a conversation (which made me feel like an imbecile)… then they turned the music up so loud that any conversation was impossible. so we just stopped talking all together.

    the chips were flavorless (unless you count Stale as a flavor) and the salsa tasted as if it were from a jar… (LOVED the salsa from El Beso, it had a lot of cilantro and therefore tasted fresh and homemade) I ordered the enchilada, chimichanga, tamale combo platter. the enchilada was great, the chimichanga was ok (but needed some sort of sauce on top) and the tamale was dry and bland. the rice was bland and the beans were ok.) we ate half of our food and boxed up the rest saving room for dessert (Mexican Ice cream!!! ) it had a fantastic texture, the cinnamon sugar tortilla bits were tasty (but there were too many of them) I couldn’t tell if i was eating ice cream, or just a bowl of broken bits of chips. overall i’d recommend the ice cream, but i don’t think i’d get it again… also, the serving is huge, good thing my husband and i shared it overall the bill came to $38.00 for a coffee, a coke, two combo platters and an ice cream.

    Our waitress was great, helpful and friendly. although the guys that clean off tables are a bit careless… at the end of the night they cleaned off a table next to us and they were flinging their towels around so hard that a couple of bits of food from the other table landed on our table (luckily not in our food!) but it was still gross nevertheless….

    we are not going to go back to El feugo (though i’m sure the outdoor dining would be awesome) it is too far for us to drive and so it’s just not worth it, but we will gladly go back to El Beso seeing as how the food if the same if not better, and the atmosphere is great 🙂

  6. Thanks Auda for the in-depth comment/review! Since I’m not living in Milwaukee anymore I haven’t had a chance to visit. That is disgusting about the waitstaff at El Fuego – good thing it didn’t end up in your food!

  7. Me encanto comer en El Beso,la comida estaba super buena. Lo recomiendo ya que el precio esta moderado para todo lo que cirven en el plato esta bueno y las bebidas alcoholicas las preparan deliciosas no me puedo quejar . El Fuego tambien la comida es buena. Creo que ambos restaurantes son buenos y son una buena competencia para los demas restaurantes Mejicanos.

  8. Creo que ambos restaurantes son buenos y la comida es excelente en los dos. Ambos tienen buenos cocineros y las atenciones que he tenido han sido buenas. Es triste que despues que van a comer esten hablando mal de los restaurantes.

  9. John says:

    Food very good, chips not so good, need choice whether spicy or mild salsa. The music was LOUD, WAY TOO
    LOUD. People would like to converse – how about background music instead of all over and in your face LOUD MUSIC and too many places do this – not attractive!
    Won’t be back and neither will others that hate this loud music atmosphere.

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