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Fein Brothers: Where shopping meets food

To help celebrate Black Friday, we’re going to take a peek inside Fein Brothers.

Since 1929, this two-story shop on Martin Luther King Drive in Milwaukee’s Bronzeville neighborhood has been selling new and used restaurant and food service equipment for businesses and the general public.

Fein Brothers exteriorMLK Drive was under construction on the day I stopped by a few weeks ago. You can find ample parking along the neighborhood’s side streets.

I worked nearby Fein Brothers a few years back but I never ventured inside. But, I was in for a real treat. If you like cooking, baking or just finding fun gadgets or servingware, you’re sure to find it on the shelves here.

Plates and servingware at Fein BrothersIn the store’s windows you can find pieces of glassware, China and flatware. Most are in simple whites. If you’re looking for a specific pattern, you can make a special order.

The front of the store also has a clearance area. November’s specials included a wine chiller for $8, roasting pans for $6, holiday pancake molds for $3 and aprons for $1.

Bin of salt and pepper shakersNeed a salt or pepper shaker but don’t want to break the bank? Find one here for just $1.

Baking pans at Fein BrothersAs I wandered further back into the store, I came across their baking items. My mouth fell. Shelves and shelves of bread pans, cookie sheets, muffin pans and more. You could find a restaurant-quality muffin pan for about $15. Lining the walls, small gadgets like juicers and knives, had me in a food lover’s paradise.

In a side room, you can find larger items like stoves or ovens for a restaurant kitchen. Upstairs there is a used area of furniture and other big-scale pieces.

Fein Brothers is open 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Unfortunately, they are closed today. Download this November newsletter that includes a coupon. Visit their revamed website at to learn more about their products and services.


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