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Foodie Tool: Supercook

Supercook logoHave you ever been at home and found yourself just standing and staring blankly into your fridge or your cupboards, deeply contemplating what you could possibly make with the random ingredients that you have, and avoid a trip to the grocery store?

Well, look blankly no more. Instead, turn your Web browsers to Supercook. This recipe tool allows you to list the ingredients you have and then it populates a list of recipes from various sites throughout the Interwebs.

For instance, I typed in that I had the following ingredients in my fridge and pantry: pork, pita pockets and refried beans. What did it come up with? A pork taco recipe for your crockpot from

Now, we were able to stump the system with somewhat obscure ingredients such as almond butter but if you have most of the basic necessities in your house, you can come up with some pretty quick and simple recipes without wracking your brain too long.

Try out Supercook and put your foodstuffs to the test!


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