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Dakota Says: No Chocolate for Doggies

dakota-xmascard Hi Mommy’s Bloggy Followers,

It’s almost Christmas! I’m soooo happy! My stocking is full of stuff for my first Christmas holiday with my new family. I hope my Mommy and Daddy got me some fun and yummy stuff!

So far this Christmas, I helped my Mommy make some cookies and pies. It smells so good in the house when she bakes!

But, I gave Mommy a little scare on the day after Thanksgiving. Lemme tell you why…

Mommy had a doctor’s appointment so she had to leave me alone for a bit. I like to walk around on my back legs. I’m kinda a circus dog. I was nosing around the house trying to find some new things to play with when I came across a big box on my human’s tall pub table.

I climbed up on my back paws and got it down. It was a huge box of dark chocolate covered coconut patties! It was so yummy!!

But, when Mommy came home a few minutes later, she started freaking out when she saw what I had done:

IMG_2599Me and Mommy spent the afternoon at the vet’s office…again. I had just seen the doctor a few weeks ago. I guess eating a half an angel food cake and the plastic container isn’t a good thing either. Humprf!

Anyways, I was at the vet and they took me away from Mommy. I threw up a lot of stuff. There went all that yummy chocolate! Then, the vet put a tube down my throat with something called charcoal to soak up any of the rest. It was terribly stressful!

Well, the moral of this story is — don’t eat chocolate my dear doggie friends! It’s bad news. I learned it has to do with something in the chocolate called methylxanthine. This compound can affect a doggie’s central nervous system, leading to restlessness, hyperactivity, diarrhea and a rapid heart rate. Not good! It can be caused if a doggy eats chocolate, coffee grounds, tea bags or some people medications.

So, be sure to stay away from those things to stay safe this holiday season! And, you also want to avoid some of these food items: onions, grapes/raisins, avocado, macadamia nuts, yeast dough, garlic, chives, milk and salt. Also, stay away from those pretty flowers — I think they’re called poinsettias.

Anywhoooo…I’m off to nose around some more. In the meantime, my Mommy made this video of me being a little silly.

Happy holidays and I’ll write back soon!

♥ Dakota


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