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[photo] Bickford’s Dutch Baby

You all know how much I love Dutch Babies – the oven-baked German pancake delight. So, when I was in Brattleboro, Vt., recently at the Bickford’s Restaurant, I was psyched to see they had a Dutch Baby on their menu. (See my last post on German pancakes.) They also do an apple pancake version.

This was the end result:

Bickford's Dutch BabyBickford’s version wasn’t as dense as some I’ve had but it was still filling. It also didn’t take as long as I had thought. I was anticipating at least a 30-40 minute wait, but it really only took about 20 minutes, and came out along with my other dining partners entrees. In parts, the custard-like interior was more like scrambled eggs. I opted to have it served with powdered sugar and lemon wedges. But you could also have it with fresh Vermont maple syrup (I wasn’t that adventurous.)

It was a nice treat to see it on Bickford’s menu. I think next time I’ll try the apple version dubbed “the house specialty” on the menu.