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Foodie Firsts: Balut – duck egg and fetus

Warning: This may not be good for my faint-hearted, or faint-stomached, readers.

My dad invited me to a picnic with a bunch of his Filipino buddies today. I LOVE going to Filipino gatherings. There’s something so familial about the fellowship and the heritage, not to mention how good the food is.

Being raised by an American mother and a Filipino father, I had the best of both worlds in regards to my food upbringing. My mom loved her braunschweiger and chipped beef on toast. My dad would have us eat pancit (a noodle dish) and adobo (marinated meat, in our house usually chicken or pork). There has always been this fine line that I have walked as a second-generation Filipina. Not quite sure of which world to be a part of.

As time has gone by, the Filipino food is the one thing that has truly resonated for me. It has brought me closer to my heritage. I haven’t had the chance to visit the Philippines so the foods that I try are the closest I have been to the Asian archipelago.

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