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[photo] Jumbo Honey Dew Donut

I just had to share this picture from earlier today. Mary Ann, who I work with at the Scleroderma Foundation, brought in this ginormous chocolate glazed donut with jimmies today from Honey Dew Donuts. The donut was surprisingly fluffy and light. The chocolate glaze was yummy. I could only eat a little sliver, but it was a sliver of pure delight.

Jumbo Donut from Honey Dew DonutHoney Dew Donuts is a local Massachusetts company that started in 1973. Now, there are more than 140 HDDs throughout New England. A new one opened just recently on Rt. 114 in Danvers near the Foundation’s office. I have yet to go but after seeing this donut – the size of a hubcap – I think I might have to venture in!

Take that Dunkin Donuts. You don’t have this behemoth on your menu! This is something that would make even Homer Simpson drool. Mmm, donut…