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Budget-friendly sushi lunch at Takara

Everyone is trying to make their wallets go farther these days. Packing your own lunch is a great way to save hundreds of dollars each year, but it can get tedious. I love to find inexpensive, innovative restaurants that help make my dollar last longer. Plus, a place that can get me back to work in an hour or less.

Takara Sushi & Steakhouse, located in Elm Grove, Wis., is one of my fave places to dine at during the lunch hour and to avoid the monotony of the brown bag blues.

Now before you go all, “Sushi…That’s gross. I’m not eating raw fish…” Hear me out. Not all sushi is raw. You can get cooked sushi. Veggie sushi. You name it – it probably can be wrapped in rice and seaweed paper. Or, you could enjoy tempura (fried and battered fish, meat or veggies) or hibachi (the ever-entertaining grilled items like steak, chicken and shrimp and a show). The great thing about lunchtime at Takara – you can get any of the above for a lower price at lunchtime. And, an even lower price on Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays because of their 30-50% off special.

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