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New phenomenon? Spaghetti tacos

Spaghetti tacosUpdate 12/29/10: Read about my recipe for spaghetti tacos.

There was a really interesting article I saw pop up in my Facebook feed this morning from The New York Times about a trend among tweens – spaghetti tacos.

Thanks to the Nickelodeon show “iCarly” starring Miranda Cosgrove, kids are requesting the bizarre combination of spaghetti and tacos for dinner and birthday parties. Or, is it not really that bizarre?

When you think about it, how strange is it to put spaghetti into a tortilla or a hard, corn shell? We put rice – another carb-heavy starch into them all the time. Why not noodles?

In the article, they compare this phenomenon to the “Festivus” episode on “Seinfeld:”

Perhaps the nearest pop-culture equivalent — that is, a sitcom artifact that thrives in the real world — is Festivus, an alternative to Christmas introduced on a 1997 “Seinfeld” episode, Mr. Thompson said. Festivus now has a number of real adherents.

A simple Google search for “spaghetti taco recipe” returns nearly 300,000 hits. Who knew? I wish my peanut butter, Oreo and chocolate chip-stuffed French toast had that much of a following.

I’m slightly tempted to want to try the “iCarly” recipe but add a little flair for the adult palette. Maybe some spicy Italian sausage, a lot of garlic, some fresh mozzarella and a bit of basil for garnish (instead of a taco’s cilantro). For the tortillas, baste them similar to a garlic bread with a spread and bake them for a few minutes until golden and stuff with fresh pasta. I think this definitely has some possibilities.


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