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A peek at Epcot’s Karamell-Küche

Entrance to Karamell-Kuche at EpcotI’m very happy to introduce this next guest blog. A few week’s ago I posted a video from Disney Parks that takes a sneak peek inside Karamell-Küche, or caramel kitchen, at Epcot’s Germany pavilion in World Showcase. This is the only free-standing shop for Werther’s, which is run by Storck.

My husband’s cousin, Ronna Larsen, just returned from a trip at Walt Disney World. She has some great photos and a quick review of this new destination!

Take it away, Ronna!

Before you even walk into Karamelle-Küche (The Caramel Kitchen), in the Germany Pavilion at Epcot, you are entranced by the sweet smell of caramel corn being made. Besides caramel corn, you can watch chocolate/caramel-dipped strawberries and a variety of caramel apples being made.

Making caramel strawberries.A Disney cast member makes chocolate and caramel-covered strawberries.

A cast member making caramel treats.Another cast member decorates some other sweet, caramel treats.

The sweets case at Karamell Kuche.Take your pick of treats at Karamelle-Küche. They have caramel fudge, cookies, cupcakes and more. Many of the snacks are part of the Disney Dining Plan so you can use your snack credits to enjoy a delectable treat!

Popcorn display at Karamell-Kuche.Pick up pre-wrapped caramel corn and other Werther’s treats to take home for gifts and souvenirs.

There are so many treats try. On my first trip I tried the caramel corn (which is a close second to Garrett’s in Chicago) and a caramel shortbread cookie that was AMAZING!  On my second trip I tried the caramel brownie which was also very good.

Karamelle-Küche is definitely now on my must do list of places to stop at when I return to Epcot.

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[Video] Inside Karamelle-Küche at Epcot


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