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Foodie Road Trip: Yummies Candy and Nuts

Yummie's exterior signA little over an hour’s drive away from Boston is a candy lover’s paradise, located in Kittery, Maine. Yummies Candy and Nuts is packed from floor to ceiling with more than 10,000 pounds of candy on display – from popular treats to bubble gum and nostalgic sweets that will take you on a stroll down memory lane.

Let’s take a look inside, but before we get started on our tour, be forewarned:

Unattended children will be turned into chocolateGiant gummi bears at Yummies in Kittery MaineThis giant gummi bear is the equivalent of 150 standard teddies. Just wow.

Saltwater taffy at YummiesMaine saltwater taffy in flavors like peanut butter, banana, coconut and coffee will have your chompers working overtime.

Aisles at Yummies Candy in KitteryThe aisles are a dizzying array of candies and nuts.

candy lining the walls at YummiesJelly candies, Bit ‘O Honey and Boston Baked Beans are just a few of the candies you can find lining Yummies’ walls.

Pez dispensers at YummiesFor the avid Pez collector, you can find just about every character from the latest Disney movie to the newest Marvel comic character.

Souvenirs at YummiesOf course you can get your random Maine and New England souvenirs like stuffed lobsters, key chains and shot glasses.

Got Moose T-shirt at YummiesThere’s also a great selection of kitschy T-shirts to document your Maine vacation.

Another warning for parents at YummiesYet another tongue-in-cheek reminder for parents to keep an eye on the little ones inside the store.

Candy cigarettes at Yummies in MaineI honestly didn’t think they still manufactured candy cigarettes so if you need to get your fix, you can find ’em here.

Sugar-free candy options at YummiesYummies offers a wide selection of sugar-free candies, too. The sugar-free malt balls were absolutely amazing.

Huge lollipopsLarge swirly lollipops are colorful candy fun for all ages.

Turkish taffy at YummiesA variety of Turkish taffy is available.

Turkish pistachios at YummiesAs are these imported pistachios that are $79.99 for five pounds. You must really like nuts!

Bubble gum at YummiesThe Violet Beauregardes of the world aren’t left out either. Bubble gum fans will find tons of options.

Yummies exterior shot on Route 1Yummies Candy and Nuts is located just a few minutes from a large outlet mall and on historic Route 1 in Kittery, Maine. Get some candy, then head upstairs for your Tarot reading.

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