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Holiday Sweets at Main Street Confectionary

The Railroad Station at Magic KingdomEditor’s Note: This post is featured on the Disney Blog Carnival #37. Read more great posts about all things Disney!

I am back and wicked exhausted from a spectacular vacation at Walt Disney World with my hubby and father-in-law.

This was my first time experiencing WDW during the holiday season and it was nothing short of amazing. Words cannot describe some of the experiences that we had.

We came back home to find we took nearly 2,000 photos – a good quarter of them just of food! That means TONS of Disney-related posts in the coming days and weeks! Lucky you!

Today, I bring you some of the sights from The Confectionary on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom. Think of candy stores from a bygone era. The smell of fresh cotton candy being spun before your eyes. The spotless chrome and glass display cases full of sugary treats and concoctions that delight your imagination and inner child with sheer delight.

I hope you enjoy some of these holiday sights from Magic Kingdom!

Christmas Tree on Main Street USAThe tree at Magic Kingdom sits just outside City Hall and the railroad station. You can find little (OK, large) gingerbread ornaments and a strand of popcorn garland. Toys of all types sit under the tree’s enormous branches. What a great way to get in the holiday spirit!

Making dipped apples at Magic KingdomAs we step inside the Confectionary, Cast Members are making chocolate-dipped caramel apple Mickeys (with marshmallow ears, of course!)

Preparing candy apples at Magic KingdomHere are the apples with the marshmallows attached just before dipping. I can only imagine how difficult this must be, especially after my Mickey Mouse cake pop experience and trying to keep Whoppers on for ears.

More candy apples at Magic KingdomFor the apple lovers out there, you can also get candied apples with a hard, sugary coating instead of the caramel.

Minnie Caramel Apples at Magic KingdomHere is one sample of the finished caramel apple all dressed up as Minnie Mouse. A candy bow and green M&Ms finish her outfit – how candy couture!

Caramel Apple Snowmen at Magic KingdomThere’s also this snowman version that comes with a sour belt scarf and red hot buttons.

Display case of goodies at the Confectionary on Main StreetThe Confectionary’s full display case features everything from cookies and cupcakes to Rice Krispie Treats (shaped like Turkey Legs), cake pops and more! I’ll take a look at the gingerbread men wearing Mickey ears coming up in a future post.

Snowman cookies from the Confectionary on Main StreetFor the cookie lovers out there, you can get sugar cookies decorated to look like Christmas stockings or snowman. Check out that honking layer of royal icing for decoration!

Chocolate covered Rice Krispie Mickey Mouse treatLining the store’s displays are an array of other goodies like these ginormous Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats that are covered in chocolate and Mickey holiday-colored jimmies. (Warning: This thing is heavy. You may need extra luggage so it doesn’t put you over your airlines’ luggage weight limit.)

Popcorn tin at the Main Street ConfectionaryFinally, you can bring home a souvenir tin of popcorn that features the whole gang – Mickey, Buzz, Woody, Goofy, Pooh Bear and more. There’s also a super cute souvenir Mickey snowman container that you can purchase from popcorn carts in all the carts for a nominal fee.

I hope you enjoyed this glance at some of the sweets I encountered in only one store. I’ll be back soon with reviews of restaurants from World Showcase countries – Canada, Morocco and Mexico. Plus, a peek at some of the quick service food you can find at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and loads more.

I hope you have your Mickey ears ready because it’s about to be a fun few weeks here on the blog!


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