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Gingerbread Fun at Disney Resorts

The gingerbread displays at Disney World are nothing short of amazing. This is my first time here during the holiday season and I have been awestruck by the creativity and the detail of these sugary creations.

Here’s a quick glance:

The really large house (there’s even a retail store inside) at Grand Floridian.

The great gingerbread tree at the Contemporary Resort. The artwork is akin to “It’s a Small World” at Magic Kingdom.

My favorite so far is the display with Chef Stitch at the Boardwalk Resort. It cones with a working train, too. There are 15 hidden Mickeys on it. We found 14 and were stumped by the last. Hint: a cast member told us the last one you can only see from above.

I’ll be back soon with more sweet details and foodie fun when we get home later this weekend. Till then were off for another day at Epcot!


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