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Write the Caption Challenge 4

Here’s the latest photo for your caption writing pleasure.

Write the Caption Challenge 4

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write – what I deem to be the most creative caption. If chosen, I’ll send you a little baked treat.

Enter your caption below in the comments section by Aug. 31. Have fun!

P.S. I’ll be back soon with where you can find this chick and piglet!

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Review: Richardson’s Ice Cream

Little cow at Richardson's Ice Cream in Middleton, Mass.Well, the winner of “Write the Caption Challenge 2,” is Ms. Erin Hareng with:

“Don’t eat meat! Cows are too cute!”

You won’t find any meat where that cutie-patootie little baby cow is located. However, you will find fresh, tasty and velvety smooth ice creams.

The place is Richardson’s Ice Cream in Middleton, Mass., where the Richardson family has had a farm for more than three centuries. Yes, three centuries.

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Write the Caption Challenge 3

These little challenges are fun, don’t you think? I love reading what you come with! Keep those great ideas coming in – so here’s your new challenge:

Dolce Vita ExteriorI’ll be back soon with the story of this guy! In the meantime, leave your best captions below! See you soon!

Write the Caption

Write the Caption Challenge

I thought since I’m back with a renewed excitement for the blog that I would start a new feature called “Write the Caption.” I provide a picture and then you – the readers – provide a caption for the photo. Then, I’ll follow up in a week or so with a story about the actual photo.

How’s that sound as a challenge?

Here’s your first task:

Leave your caption in the comments section below! Have fun and be creative!