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[Challenge] Tie the Cherry Stem

For my Wisconsin peeps! Jose’s Blue Sombrero has a new challenge for y’all. Order a tequila and tie the cherry stem into a knot with your tongue and then you’ll get the next three libations on the casa.

You have until Monday, April 25, to complete your mission. Think you can handle the pressure?

Jose's Blue Sombrero Cherry ChallengeRemember the last challenge at JBS that we tried here at All’s Fare? I’m thinking Chris still remembers the Fireball Burrito Challenge like yesterday…

Jose’s Blue Sombrero has two Wisconsin locales – Brookfield and Racine. If you do try the challenge, send me pix and I’ll feature it on the bloggie!

Cuisine - Mexican, Places - Milwaukee

Jose’s Blue Sombrero Fireball Burrito Challenge

Eating a burrito in 15 minutes isn’t that big of a deal to most people. Make it a burrito stuffed with chicken, Habanero and Serrano pepper salsa, red enchilada sauce, pico de gallo, a fire-grilled tortilla and topped with three Habanero rings, and that 15 minutes quite possibly could turn into an eternity.JBS MenuAt Jose’s Blue Sombrero in Brookfield, we decided to see just how hard it is to complete their Fireball Burrito Challenge. So we put our friend Chris to the test.

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