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Jose’s Blue Sombrero Fireball Burrito Challenge

Eating a burrito in 15 minutes isn’t that big of a deal to most people. Make it a burrito stuffed with chicken, Habanero and Serrano pepper salsa, red enchilada sauce, pico de gallo, a fire-grilled tortilla and topped with three Habanero rings, and that 15 minutes quite possibly could turn into an eternity.JBS MenuAt Jose’s Blue Sombrero in Brookfield, we decided to see just how hard it is to complete their Fireball Burrito Challenge. So we put our friend Chris to the test.

Chris Before The ChallengeEverything was all smiles as the waitress delivered the Fireball Burrito to the table. Going into the challenge Chris was “cautiously optimistic” about finishing the challenge. We had high hopes for him since he had successfully finished Buffalo Wild Wings’ Blazin’ Wing Challenge on several occasions.The burrito was no bigger than Jose’s usual burritos but it was packed with a lot of flavor, especially the peppery ones. To complete the challenge, you also must clear your plate of the rice and beans, which turned out to be quite helpful along the spicy road ahead.

Chris attacked the burrito from the first bite. Cutting it into half and then picking it up. Unlike the saucy and spicy challenge at BW3’s, the Fireball Challenge didn’t cover his lips with mind-numbing heat. Surprisingly, the burrito, while spicy hot, also was quite flavorful, Chris said.

Just a few minutes in to the challenge, he was noticeably shaking. Yet, I was surprised he wasn’t sweating. With his wife Mary by his side, she was busy pouring glasses of water to keep him hydrated.

With the burrito done in about 8 minutes, Chris only had the remnants of some rice and beans left to complete the challenge.

The last biteThe last bite going in, with about 5 minutes left on the clock.

The final clock timeThe waitress decided to give him 15 hours to complete the challenge, but he came in well under that mark.

Fireball Water Bottle TrophyThe restaurant manager presented Chris with the coveted Fireball Water Bottle Trophy. Winners of the challenge also have their picture taken and posted in the bar area. About 50% of people who take on the challenge successfully complete it.

Water bottleIt’s a really cool aluminum-style bottle. No word yet on where Chris will use it. I think bronzing it for the mantle would be a great talking piece.

Special thanks to Chris for being our challenge guinea pig. We had complete faith in you! An even bigger thanks to his wife Mary for actually going home with him after the challenge was complete.

Wanna know more about the Jose’s Blue Sombrero Fireball Burrito Challenge? Visit their website at or visit their locations in Brookfield or Racine.

Know of another food challenge? Let us know in the comment section below!


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