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Reminiscing about wedding food

Brett & Christina WeddingIf you’ve been reading All’s Fare regularly, first – thank you. Second, you probably know that I was recently reading Michelle Maisto’s “Gastronomy of Marriage.” Before I begin, I have to say that this book is excellent. I love Michelle’s voice and her story. It’s not like you’re reading a book about a stranger planning a wedding, it’s like you’re a close friend and she’s telling you the story. Plus, it has some really good family recipes in it – both Italian and Chinese. I’m very excited to try them.

While reading Michelle’s book I was thinking back to February 15, 2008. Our wedding day. A cold and icy adventure in the middle of Wisconsin. But the planning was done months before. The one thing Brett and I really wanted to do right and do well was the food. More than two years later, we’re still hearing from our guests how fab the food was.

I have to thank the event planning staff and the culinary team at Hotel Metro in Milwaukee for the wonderful job they did. Also, the fabulous bakers at Simma’s in Wauwatosa for creating a Disney-inspired wedding cake.

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