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Recipe: Neopolitan Cupcakes

Neopolitan cupcakes - chocolate, vanilla and strawberryI’m submitting this to the America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Country “Dish It Your Way” Blogger Challenge for Cupcakes.

Neopolitan ice cream has long been a favorite of mine – with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. I guess that’s the indecisive person in me and how you can get the best of the entire ice cream world in one scoop.

The history of Neopolitan ice cream goes back to the late 19th Century when Italian immigrants introduced their revolutionary way to make ice cream from Naples (hence, Neopolitan) to Americans. Now back then, the flavors were probably more like lemon, pistachio, vanilla and chocolate or cherry (think along the lines of a spumoni), but through the years the U.S. palate developed a liking for vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

I got to thinking one day, “Why can’t I make a Neopolitan cupcake?”

During Hurricane Irene I scoured the internet and some recipe books I had at home but couldn’t find any recipes out there specifically for this dessert. So, I pulled together some basic recipes for vanilla cake, chocolate frosting and strawberry frosting, and voila! The Neopolitan Cupcake has been born.

The result is a moist, vanilla cake stuffed with chocolate frosting, then topped with a strawberry buttercream. If you’re indecisive like me, then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this cuppie with three of America’s favorite flavors all in one bite!

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