Weigh-in: Through Week 2

Weight Update - Week 2It has been almost three weeks since I started my “Eating Restructuring Plan” for 2011. As you can see from the scale shot on the right, I have successfully gone down a few pounds since my last weigh-in. It’s always good when the pounds drop off. But I can’t say that it’s been easy.

It’s especially hard after the holidays to shed those bad habits of nicking a few sweets or eating a slightly too large plate of something really yummy. While I don’t indulge in sodas as much as I used to (both regular and the diet variety), I do like something in the morning that can keep me going throughout the day. So, I turn to a coffee or chai drink. After you end up pouring in those flavored creams and sugars, that coffee or tea (which has few calories on its own) becomes a beverage full of empty calories.

To combat this bad habit, I’ve switched to drinking flavored teas sans cream or sugar. If I do drink coffee and use some flavored creams, I make sure to only use the suggested serving amount. While that French Vanilla or Chocolate Creme tastes fantabulous, it’s best to keep it to one drink per day.

We have a Keurig coffee machine at my office. So, I found some Apple Cider and Chai K-cups that are pretty tasty. But, they still have a lot of sugar in them. I just have to remind myself – only one a day!

Plus, I don’t feel as guilty when I drink my hot tea, especially if it’s green tea. Tea is full of so many antioxidants and flavonoids that help rid off cancers and other health issues. I read a report earlier today in Time that it’s actually better to drink tea over plain water since you do get that extra dose of antioxidants. And, when you’re trying to lose weight, you really need to up that amount of water intake to flush your system.

My biggest issue over the past two weeks, though, has been cravings. Whether it’s been a biscuit from Popeye’s or a little Taco Bell, I have this huge urge to want to go on a fast-food eating binge. Thankfully, Brett’s been really helpful squashing my urges. Instead of opting for a huge sandwich at Kelly’s Roast Beef, we went for some soup at Panera. However, we’ve gotten into this pattern of eating out – due to all of the snow, getting home late from work, going to see friends and just not having the time to cook. For me, it’s so hard to get out of that habit.

For instance, Sunday morning we knew we had to go out to run some errands. Instead of making a quick breakfast – some eggs on some whole grain toast – we went out to Friendly’s for breakfast. Even though I ordered a two egg sandwich on sourdough with some cheddar and ham, that meal probably loaded on tons more calories than if I cooked it myself at home. Not to mention, it came with home fries – that, of course, you have to eat.

It’s little decisions like that which are hard to break the cycle. I need to work harder on consciously preparing for all of my meals in advance, not just the one that’s next.

Last week, I also made it to the gym for the first time since mid-October. It felt so good! We have a free gym at our apartment complex – and no one is ever using it. It’s small, but I can get a good cardio workout done. The next thing on my exercise list is to purchase the Zumba Fitness game for Nintendo Wii. I took Zumba in 2010 and it was one of the best workouts I have ever done. I’d leave the gym covered in sweat but with such a positive, energetic vibe. I’m hoping that this game will help me get back into the Zumba mode. Plus, Brett wants to do it, too.

So, here’s my roundup through week 2:

  • Weight: 172.6
  • Waist: 37 inches
  • Hips: 42 inches

Things to watch in the next two weeks:

  • Cravings
  • Eating out
  • Drink plenty of water/tea
  • Turn 30 (yikes!)

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