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Fried cicadas and Spam

The Machine Shed's friend PB&J.Ok, not together. But, we all know that people love their fried food.

Fried beer, fried Oreos (just don’t do it in your roommates chicken pan and follow with a chaser of Arbor Mist), fried PB&J…you name it, we love it.

Some people, however, take that love a little too far. I came across this post about the 10 strangest foods that people fry. From cicadas (those little bugs with the annoying buzzing sounds) to Spam, if you can batter it and pop it into a deep-fryer – you’re golden. (Ha!)

Don’t believe me that people actually ate cicadas?

Read the entire post out here. You can also see how fried Coke is made from an excerpt on NBC’s “TODAY” show (plus, Natalie Morales thinks they’re good). So, I have to admit, that is kinda cool.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever fried? Leave your comment below!


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