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Fried cicadas and Spam

The Machine Shed's friend PB&J.Ok, not together. But, we all know that people love their fried food.

Fried beer, fried Oreos (just don’t do it in your roommates chicken pan and follow with a chaser of Arbor Mist), fried PB&J…you name it, we love it.

Some people, however, take that love a little too far. I came across this post about the 10 strangest foods that people fry. From cicadas (those little bugs with the annoying buzzing sounds) to Spam, if you can batter it and pop it into a deep-fryer – you’re golden. (Ha!)

Don’t believe me that people actually ate cicadas?

Read the entire post out here. You can also see how fried Coke is made from an excerpt on NBC’s “TODAY” show (plus, Natalie Morales thinks they’re good). So, I have to admit, that is kinda cool.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever fried? Leave your comment below!

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Fried beer hopping to Brew City today

A few weeks ago we reported on the latest creation to hit the Texas State Fair – deep-fried beer and pretzels.

Well, a chef in Milwaukee has now jumped on the bandwagon and created his own version of fried beer and pretzels. Starting today at The Miller Time Pub at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, they will be serving a deep-fried beer appetizer.

Fried Beer

For $5, you get three pieces of the deep-fried beer, a beer chaser and three dipping sauces including horseradish ale cream, nine-grain mustard and spicy Wisconsin cheddar. Just beware: you must be 21 to order. Even though the ravioli-like pretzel exterior and beer is fried, there’s still enough alcoholic content left behind. So the Hilton is saying, “Please chew responsibly.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote about Executive Chef Brian Frakes creation:

Frakes chose New Glarus Staghorn Octoberfest with a spicy bouquet and reddish color to feature inside the pretzel-dough ravioli. The beer is frozen with gelatin to create beer jewels, which are tucked inside the dough before it’s fried for about 20 seconds. The quick-frying cooks the dough and returns the beer to its liquid state. A sprinkle of rosemary fire salt is the finishing touch.

Read the whole article now.

The Miller Time Pub is located in the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, 509 W. Wisconsin Ave.

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Deep-fried beer and pretzels

Fried beer and pretzels.

The beer is stuffed into pretzel-like dough and flash fried for about 20 seconds.

So an inventor in Texas has done it. He’s successfully fried a liquid. Mark Zable will unveil his deep-fried beer covered in a pretzel coating at the State Fair of Texas.

Ravioli-like pockets of pretzel dough are stuffed with Guinness (Zable says he may try and use a pale ale later) and then flash fried for a few seconds. The result – an ooey, gooey concoction that you’ll need to have your driver’s license for.

Yes, you will need to be 21 to indulge in the deep-fried beer. Authorities say there is enough of the alcohol left, even after frying. For $5 you get 5 pieces of deep-fried goodness. Git on down to the Lonestar State – the fair starts Sept. 24.

Oh, another creation that the Texas fair will have – a deep-fried margarita. Another inventor has stuffed lime-flavored tequila goodness into a funnel cake and covered it in powdered sugar.

Hmm…hope that catches on to next year’s Wisconsin State Fair…

Wanna learn more? Check out this story from the Dallas News!