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Recipe: Baked Buttery Pretzels

Buttery PretzelsGrowing up in Milwaukee, one of my fondest memories was the constant smell of yeast from the breweries that just permeated the air.

But one of the best yeast smells from the Brew City was whenever we drove on I-94 going toward downtown Milwaukee. Just east of County Stadium, what now is Miller Park, there was a little brown brick factory nestled next to one of the off-ramps. I remember driving by with my mom, who would always have her window cracked just a bit whenever we drove (a little thing I need to do now whenever I’m in the car), but as we got to this brown building – with its towering chimney and the white plumes of smoke hovering over the Menomonee Valley, she would open all of the car windows to let in the vibrant scent of yeast. It just filled the entire car and I inhaled the effervescence with pure joy.

That brown factory building was home to Red Star Yeast company. In 2001, the company was sold to a French firm and in 2004 a joint-venture took it over. Today, while Red Star Yeast no longer is manufactured in Milwaukee, there are still factories in Alabama and Iowa. But the Red Star corporate headquarters remains on Milwaukee’s west side near Wisconsin State Fair Park.

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[Video] Inside Karamell-Küche at Epcot

The great peeps at Disney Parks on YouTube have posted this video of the sweet treats you can get at Karamell-Küche. This new shop is at the German pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase. Karamell-Küche means “caramel kitchen” in German, and this little spot churns out Werther caramel-covered apples, marshmallows, strawberries and more!

Take a peek inside:

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Fried beer hopping to Brew City today

A few weeks ago we reported on the latest creation to hit the Texas State Fair – deep-fried beer and pretzels.

Well, a chef in Milwaukee has now jumped on the bandwagon and created his own version of fried beer and pretzels. Starting today at The Miller Time Pub at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, they will be serving a deep-fried beer appetizer.

Fried Beer

For $5, you get three pieces of the deep-fried beer, a beer chaser and three dipping sauces including horseradish ale cream, nine-grain mustard and spicy Wisconsin cheddar. Just beware: you must be 21 to order. Even though the ravioli-like pretzel exterior and beer is fried, there’s still enough alcoholic content left behind. So the Hilton is saying, “Please chew responsibly.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote about Executive Chef Brian Frakes creation:

Frakes chose New Glarus Staghorn Octoberfest with a spicy bouquet and reddish color to feature inside the pretzel-dough ravioli. The beer is frozen with gelatin to create beer jewels, which are tucked inside the dough before it’s fried for about 20 seconds. The quick-frying cooks the dough and returns the beer to its liquid state. A sprinkle of rosemary fire salt is the finishing touch.

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The Miller Time Pub is located in the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, 509 W. Wisconsin Ave.