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Italian Beef and Fries at Dr. Dawg

Dr Dawg exterior in Glendale.Late in 2010, Dr. Dawg opened up on Milwaukee’s north side. I really enjoyed their Chicago-style hot dogs with all the fixins and Sprecher root beer on-tap. A little while later, I went back to test out the Doctor’s Italian beef.

Can I get an “Mmm, good”?

Dr. Dawg’s Italian beef comes in three sizes: 5-inch, 7-inch and “Da Big 12.” Slow-roasted, paper-thin slices of tender beef are piled high on a cushy, fresh Italian roll. Also slathered on top of the sandwich is your pick of sweet peppers or spicy giardiniera.

Italian Beef at Dr. DawgYour next option is to have your sandwich dry (just a little bit of au jus), juicy (a full ladle of gravy) or a soaker (just dip that whole mutha in the sauce, folks). I went for juicy.

The bread sopped up all the gravy and was falling apart. It was absolutely wonderful. Napkins are a MUST.

I also enjoyed a heaping helping of Dr. Dawg’s garlic-rosemary fries with my sandwich.

Garlic-rosemary fries at Dr. DawgIf there are any vampires near you while eating these fries, they’re toast. These suckers are full of garlicky flavor and fragrance. I didn’t catch that much rosemary since I was being overwhelmed with the garlic, but I didn’t really mind. The fries are fresh, hand-cut and have the perfect crispy crust with a touch of salt.

A small bag of fries is huge. I can’t even begin to fathom how big a “pile” is. I had enough to take home to munch on later.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either Dr. Dawg’s hot dogs or Italian beef. It’s truly a gem on Milwaukee’s North Shore. Learn more at


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