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Review: Kane’s Donuts

Kane's Donuts exteriorsLiving in New England you become accustomed to seeing a Dunkin’ Donuts on every other corner (if not every corner). It almost feels like heresy when you step into another donut establishment. However, that isn’t the case when you walk into Kane’s Donuts in Saugus, Mass.

Located off the beaten path on Boston’s North Shore, Kane’s Donuts has been frying up doughy goodness since 1955. It’s even been recognized by Travel Channel as a “Donut Paradise.

“Bon Appetit” magazine has also recently named Kane’s Donuts one of the Top 10 Places in the U.S. for Donuts. So let’s take a look inside:

Sweets case at Kane's DonutsThe glass display cases are full of sweets and baked goods. You can find slices of pizza, as well as Kane’s famous jumbo 32-ounce cinnamon roll.

Sweet roll at Kane's DonutsDanish-type desserts covered in snow-white glaze catch your eye and tempt that early morning sweet tooth.

Donut selection at Kane's DonutsThe wall behind the registers is covered with a ginormous variety of donuts. Try and pick just one. Go on, try.

Box of six donuts from Kane's DonutsWe tried to pick just one but ended up with an entire box one Sunday morning. (P.S. Kane’s opens really early – 3:30 a.m. every day – so even if you work the third shift, you won’t miss out on these great treats.)

Donut variety from Kane's DonutsOur box of six donuts (clockwise from top left) – Chocolate nut crunch, creme brulee, turtle, chocolate glazed, cinnamon and Boston Creme.

Turtle donut from Kane's DonutsThe turtle donut is a chocolate-honey glazed donut, slathered in chocolate, nuts and more chocolate. Very decadent!

Boston Creme donut from Kane's DonutsBrett’s Boston Creme out-did any other Boston Creme out there (and he’s a HUGE DD Boston Kreme fan). The yeasty donut is filled with a smooth vanilla creme and then a chocolate glaze. (Tip: Ask to have them warm it up for you if you want an extra special treat.)

Newspaper clippings at Kane's DonutsTake some time to look at the accolades that line the walls of the restaurant.

Freshly baked donuts at Kane's DonutsTrays of freshly made donuts are ready to make their debut in the display case.

Kane's Donuts exterior signOverall, it’s dangerous that I now know where Kane’s Donuts is located. Yet, it’s still far enough that I can’t manage to make it every day. But for a once a month weekend treat, Kane’s Donuts is a great retreat from the mass-produced baked goods from those other guys.

To learn more about Kane’s Donuts, visit


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