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The Best of 2011

Mickey Mouse Silhouette Cake Pops2011 marked my first full year of food blogging. It had its ups and downs – from almost burning down our new apartment baking a cheesecake to some really simple (but awesome recipes) like these homemade peanut butter cups.

Here’s a look back at the most popular posts (based on the number of views) that were published last year:

1. Recipe: Biko (Filipino Sticky Rice Dessert) – March 14, 2011
2. DIY: Mickey Mouse Cake Pops – Oct. 31, 2011
3. Chocolate Lover’s Month at Dunkin’ Donuts – Feb. 14, 2011
4. Dining on the Disney Dream – Pt. 1 – May 18, 2011 – Guest blog by Disney Food Blog’s AJ Wolfe
5. Dining Reservations at Walt Disney World – July 26, 2011
6. Cookie-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies – March 2, 2011
7. Dining on the Disney Dream – Pt. 2 – May 21, 2011 – Guest post by AJ Wolfe
8. Taste Test: Blueberry-Flavored Greek Yogurt – April 10, 2011 – Guest blog by Brett Finnell
9. Cupcake Camp Boston 2011 – April 14, 2011
10. Review: Blue’s Egg – Jan. 3, 2011

Eating Restructuring Plan Recap

For those wondering about last year’s “eating restructuring plan,” my current stats are:

Weight: 163.2 (lowest); currently at 169.0 (it got a little crazy on vacation and during the holidays – I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sneak some chocolate here and there)
Waist: 36 inches (started at 38.5)
Hips: 39 inches (started at 42)
Total lost: 7.4 pounds/5.5 inches

While I didn’t make my goal of losing 31 pounds by end July, I did take to heart some new eating habits such as the daily Kefir smoothie, less carbs and more fresh fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, I have had to put the baby dream on the back burner due to some other unexpected health concerns during the past year. While Brett and I very much want to start a family, I’ve needed to concentrate more on my own health and well-being. There were times when it has been so difficult to get out of bed, let alone get the ambition and drive to go to the gym.

Now that I have a diagnosis for what is troubling me, I have taken the last few months to understand how my body feels and listen to it when its tired. I do rest and nap a lot more than the “normal” person but it helps give me the energy to make it through the day. This year, I hope to focus more on being active, and getting to the gym and working out regularly to help combat some of the fatigue.

It has been a rough road for this weight-loss journey, but I haven’t given up. The size 12 pants that I’m wearing are evidence enough that 7+ pounds is enough to help get me down 2 sizes – a place I haven’t been for nearly 5 years. When I last met with my doctor, she said even 5 more pounds will put me in a healthier place – for myself, and hopefully one day, that new little bundle of joy and foodie-in-training.

I’ll be back soon with more reviews and stories from our recent trip to Disney World in Florida. Plus, I’ll be reviewing a new cupcake stop on Boston’s North Shore and a hidden gem for Indian cuisine in southern New Hampshire. Lots to come in 2012 for All’s Fare Food Blog, so check back often!

Lots of Love and Wish you a Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “The Best of 2011

  1. Sara says:

    You rock, Christina. I’ll be making Toy Story alien cupcakes on Friday for my son’s fifth birthday party. Will share photos with you if they turn out 😉 Disney/Pixar so it’s in the family, right? Thank you for sharing all of your personal experiences about food and life. I look forward to all of your posts!

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