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Review: Tony’s Town Square at Magic Kingdom

Lady and the Tramp at Tony's Town SquareEditor’s Note: This post is featured on the Disney Blog Carnival #39. Read more great posts about all things Disney! The next carnival will be Feb. 6. Submissions are due on Feb. 4!

Who doesn’t love the classic movie of Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp,” a love story of an elitist cocker spaniel who falls for a mutt from the other side of the tracks?

The movie’s classic romantic scene behind an Italian restaurant is recreated on Main Street USA at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Tony’s Town Square Restaurant pays homage to the era of the movie, the cuisine and even those playful puppies who are so in love.

Let’s take a closer look inside one of the Disney parks’ sit-down spots that is fun for the whole family…

Tony’s Town Square is located on the right side of the Main Street USA plaza-area just as you enter the park under the railroad station. It’s situated directly next to the new character greeting area for Mickey and Minnie Mouse, plus all those princesses.Check-in podium at Tony's Town SquareI remember back about 10 years ago when you could linger in an art gallery full of high-priced Disney oil paintings, sculptures and other artifacts while waiting for your table. Alas, that is no more.

There is a small reception area where you will get a little buzzer until your table is ready. The waiting area seemed like it had seen better days with some tattered carpet and uncomfortable seating a la visiting your Edwardian-era great-grandmother.Children watching Lady and the TrampMany of the little ones were satisfied with plopping down in front of a TV playing – to no surprise – “Lady and the Tramp.”Hidden Mickey at Tony's Town SquareThroughout the restaurant, you’ll find artwork with the beloved characters from the movie. (See Scamp above? He’s my favorite little puppy from the movie. I remember my freshmen year of high school having a stuffed little Scamp from the Disney Store that would sit on my desk during exam time.) Also notice this not-so-hidden Mickey made out of bread.Sunroom dining area at Tony's Town SquareThere are several parts to the restaurant’s dining areas – a more formal dining area, a sunroom (shown above) and a patio.Patio at Tony's Town Square on Main Street USAWe were seated on the patio (not by personal preference). Normally, I would have no issue with that. However, on this particular December evening, it was pretty chilly – even dressed in a jacket and jeans. While it would detract from the ambiance of Main Street, this outdoor seating area – if they continue to use it during the more chilly months – could really benefit from some heaters.Cobwebs at Tony's Town SquareNow, I have never really had a cleanliness issue with any of my Disney dining experiences. Yet, there is always a first and this was it. Dear hubby actually noticed all the cobwebs, dirt and dust hanging over us on the ceiling fans. I don’t even want to think what has fallen into food. That creeps me out way too much.

Needless to say, this area needs a bit of a sprucing up and, perhaps, Cinderella or Snow White could loan their little rodent friends for a nice cleaning day.

Bread basket at Tony's Town SquareAfter a long day in the parks, the bread service of warm, sourdough rolls and butter was more than welcome to our ravenous hunger.Zucchini fries at Tony's Town SquareWe also started off with the zucchini fries served with a sun-dried tomato dipping sauce. These came out piping hot and were nice and crispy.Chicken parmigiana at Tony's Town SquareFor entrees, my father-in-law ordered the chicken parmigiana – a chicken breast covered in marinara sauce and served with spaghetti.Lasagna at Tony's Town SquareBrett ordered the lasagna – layers of thin pasta with sausage, ground beef, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, with plenty of red sauce. This was probably my favorite dish of the evening with just enough spice and more personality then either of the other pasta dishes on the table.Spaghetti and meat balls at Tony's Town SquareI opted for the standard spaghetti and meatballs – hoping to recreate the famous scene of Lady and Tramp pushing meatballs across the table with their noses. But, the pasta was overcooked (I really love a little bite to my noodles) and the sauce had little depth to it. That said, it would be perfect for a kid’s palate.Lady and the Tramp fountain at Tony's Town SquareIn addition to the cleanliness issues, there were some service mishaps that need to be taken care of before I will be back any time in the near future such as overhearing odd conversations by cast members and a waitstaff that forgot parmesan cheese and beverage refills.

If you’re dead set on having a meal in the parks, you could do much worse than Tony’s Town Square. What kid doesn’t like spaghetti and meatballs or even a plain, cheese pizza? All of which are done well enough here to satisfy a child hunger. Yet, for the older crowd, I’d still opt for Crystal Palace or Cinderella’s Royal Table if you really want a dining experience in the park.


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