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Sunshine Seasons Food Fair at The Land Pavilion

Sunshine Seasons logo at EpcotLet’s take a trip back in time to the The Land Pavilion at Epcot circa 1993. Even then, I thought Sunshine Seasons delivered one of Walt Disney World Resort’s best varieties for quick dining choices for its guests.

I still recall one of my favorite meals ever at WDW – a slab of veggie lasagna (the version here started my obsession with the pasta dish), filled with hearty chunks of broccoli and zucchini in a flavorful red sauce. On the side, a strawberry and cream slushy with gummi bears mixed in. The swirls of frothy red with silky white cream and little gelatinous bears are an image that I still wish I could get when I’m down at Disney.

Flash forward to 2012, the updated Sunshine Seasons is now more of a food court, where you can grab just about anything to make even the pickiest of eaters happy. That’s why I think it’s always busy here, no matter the time of day. (It probably also helps that Soarin’ is always jam-packed next door, too…)

So, let’s take a look at one of the best eating spots in all of Walt Disney World…

Mobiles at Sunshine Seasons inside Land Pavilion at EpcotAs you wind your way down the ramp from the upstairs entryway, you’ll see these hot-air balloons suspended. If you look closely at each one, you’ll see that each one represents a different season of the year – spring, summer, fall and winter.

Seating at the Land Pavilion, SeasonsThe seating area for the restaurant is sprawling and takes up a good portion of the lower level. On one side, you’ll see the queue for the “Living With The Land” ride, and on the other, you’ll see the entry to “Soarin’.”

There’s a mixture of booths and tables. I highly recommend having someone in your party be the designated “seat finder,” as it can be hard to land a seat, especially during the high-traffic lunch and dinner hours.

Soup station at Sunshine Seasons, Epcot, the LandOk, on to the food…

Sunshine Seasons is broken down into different sections. Shown above, is the soup pod. On this day during our December 2011 trip, the options were pumpkin squash and vegetable barley. My father-in-law swears by the pumpkin squash!

Cheese, fruit and salads at Sunshine Seasons, Epcot, the LandFor people in a hurry, there are a few grab ‘n go areas. You can pick up pre-made salads, cheese plates and sandwiches. The fruit and cheese plate is great snack if you have a late dinner planned – it will definitely tie you over. And, how can you go wrong with cheese?

Kid's picks at Sunshine Seasons, Epcot, the LandFor families with children, there’s a specific chilled section for the sides and beverages to go along with kids’ meals. Here you can find smaller portions of milk, juice, veggies and fruit for the little Disney fans.

Sushi choices at Sunshine Seasons, EpcotOn our December trip, I was totally fiending sushi. And, you have no problem satiating that need at Sunshine Seasons. The Spicy Tuna Roll (pictured a little further down in this post) was great – huge portion and fresh. Each sushi plate is dated for when it was produced.

Hot sandwiches at Sunshine Seasons, the landA panini and hot sandwich station offered several options.

Fresh salads at Sunshine Seasons, the LandFresh salads and veggie selections will be sure to satisfy the vegetarians or even those just wanting to be a little healthier on their vacays.

Soda stations at Sunshine Seasons, EpcotSeveral refreshment stations are available in the food court area. As with all Disney World restaurants, Coke products are here. I absolutely love the addition of Gold Peak iced teas (black and green varieties) in several of the self-serve areas. Makes me happy!

Check out at Sunshine SeasonsOnce you’ve found all the food for your party, you can take them to the registers to pay for your meal.

Spicy salmon roll at Sunshine Seasons, EpcotHere’s a closer look at the spicy sushi that I purchased. It comes with wasabi and pickled ginger. At the utensil stations, you can find soy sauce packets and chopsticks, as well.

Hummus, tabulleh, pita and couscous at Sunshine SeasonsOn my quick trip down to Florida in May, I picked up this awesome platter – it included hummus, couscous mixed with curry, dried apricots and cranberries, flatbread and tabboule. I tried recreating the couscous salad at home but it just wasn’t the same. I have dreams about this platter. It was that good.

Sweets at Sunshine Seasons, EpcotOh wait! Don’t go yet! I didn’t forget all of the desserts that are available at Sunshine Seasons. You can have your pick of muffins, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and more!

Ice cream freezer at Sunshine SeasonsOn those really hot days, pick up a frozen Mickey bar or another frozen treat to cool down.

Rice krispie treats at Sunshine Seasons, EpcotYou also can find rice krispy treats with a chocolate drizzle and decorated with brightly colored Mickeys.

Passion fruit cream cheese cupcake at Sunshine Seasons, EpcotI opted for this passion fruit cupcake with cream cheese frosting. The vanilla cupcake is filled with a passion-fruit flavored filling, and it’s topped with some crunchy nuts.

What’s your favorite dish to get at Sunshine Seasons? Leave a comment below!


4 thoughts on “Sunshine Seasons Food Fair at The Land Pavilion

  1. Brett says:

    The pumpkin squash soup was excellent! I love the atmosphere of the place too. It’s busy, but everyone is enjoying the food so much that it keeps the volume lower than most food courts.

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  3. We ate here for lunch and the food was good and checkout was quick. We had the rotisserie chicken and the rotisserie beef meals with cheesecake and chocolate cake for dessert. The kids had mac and cheese. It was all good, hot, and fresh. We enjoy eating here for that reason. We have, and will, eat here again.

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