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[Poll] Fortune Cookie Wisdom

One of the best parts of any Chinese meal is the ending. The time when you get your fortune cookie. You snap open that crunchy piece of cookie and you find a teeny slip of paper with words of wisdom and your destined fate.

Fortune cookie from That Chinese PlaceWhat is the most memorable fortune cookie luck that you have ever received? Tell your story below in the comments section.

One of my more favorite recent fortunes is this:

Fortune from That Chinese Place

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The perfect burger

BurgersI was at a networking event last night and the topic of burgers came up. I mentioned how Kopp’s has the BEST butter burgers anywhere in my opinion. Someone replied (and this was in the Chicago area), “You mean not Culver’s?” My heart raced. I started a cold sweat.

“No, not Culver’s.”

The Kopp’s butter burger starts with the bun. It’s the perfect bun-to-meat ratio. Their huge slabs of burger fill the bun up. I hate those wimpy burgers that don’t even come close to the sides of the bun. Then, they have this cheese. I don’t know what it is because it’s not quite American and it’s not quite cheddar but it melts perfectly. It stays congealed to the burger in a way that I haven’t seen replicated anywhere and I have tried it at home to no success. I don’t think they steam their cheese to get it to the proper consistency so I would love to know what they do.

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