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Yeah, I Ate That Series: The German Pancake

Dutch Baby at Original Pancake House

Dutch Baby at Original Pancake House

Call it a German Pancake, a Dutch Baby, or apfelpfannkuchen (I’m guessing that’s German for something?), but whatever you call it, it must include awesome or mind-blowing in the description.

I first came across the Dutch Baby on the menu at The Original Pancake House, a breakfast chain that originates in Oregon. Celebrated chef James Beard (a Portland, Oregon native) named it one of the Top 10 best restaurants in America. According to the restaurant’s website, in 1999 the James Beard Foundation named OPH a regional landmark restaurant.

OPH’s Dutch Baby is an oven-baked delight. But beware, it takes at least 30 minutes for this bountiful goodness to arrive at your table. The main ingredients are eggs, milk, flour, eggs, and some seasonings like vanilla or cinnamon, more eggs and still more eggs. I asked once at OPH how their rendition gets so fluffy and tall. The trick? Using a blender and a bit of their famous pancake batter. The blender aerates the batter creating a fluffy mixture that then bakes in an oven for quite a while. Top it off with some lemon juice and powdered sugar and the result is magic in your mouth.

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