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Foodie Destination: Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

Ice CreamobileFor any foodie, the Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour in Waterbury, Vt., is a mecca. With a tour, free samples, peek at the plant, gift shop and flavor graveyard, it’s a frozen dairy delight wonderland in the middle of New England.

When my hubby and I decided to plan a trip back to New England to visit our family, this was a must-see on our (more mine) vacation itinerary.

Everyone has their favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor. Mine is Phish Food – a glorious chocolate concoction with a marshmallow swirl and chocolate fudge fishies named for the alt-rock band, Phish. With other ingenious creations like Cherry Garcia (named after the Grateful Dead’s late Jerry Garcia), Chunky Monkey (another of my favorites) and Chubby Hubby, Ben & Jerry’s is the brainchild of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. Two self-made entrepreneurs who took a love of ice cream and mixed it with a correspondence course and voila! A worldwide phenomenon was born!

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