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The Best of 2010

El Beso construction photoEverywhere you look this week it seems that someone is doing a recap of the past year. I’ve been doing this food blogging experiment for nearly six months. It has been more successful than I could have imagined – many thanks to all of my friends and family for passing along links and giving me a good word.

I wanted to say goodbye to 2010 by taking a look at the 10 most popular posts from the past year.

1. New La Fuente location opens today
The most popular blog of this year – many thanks to Google and a Milwaukee contingency that loves its Mexican food – was a link to the Journal Sentinel’s coverage of the opening of the new Tosa La Fuente.

2. Yeah, I Ate That: The turkey leg
This was a little post I put together based on a scrapbook page from my honeymoon album. It got a lot of coverage thanks to AJ at the Disney Food Blog and the folks at the Disney Blog Carnival.

3. Construction update: El Beso Mexican Restaurante
Another indication that Milwaukee loves its Mexican food. Who knew? I was in the Greenfield-area doing some book shopping and snapped a few photos for this third most popular post of the year.

4. El Beso to open in February 2011
No. 4 on the list is another link to some coverage by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and again, a post about Mexican food. This has slowly been creeping up the list via Google referrals.

5. Disney’s Old Key West Resort Key Lime Pie Recipe
This was a really fun blog to create and eat. I had some fun with my brother’s Toy Story green alien beanie and photo editing. Plus, the recipe is really simple and tastes great!

Key lime pie6. Food Wars Preview: AJ Bombers
All the Twitterverse was alive this fall when Travel Channel’s “Food Wars” came to Milwaukee pitting AJ Bombers against Sobelman’s. Here’s my look at what Bombers brings to the table.

7. Dr. Dawg opens in Glendale
For only being open about two months, Dr. Dawg looks like he’s here to stay in Milwaukee’s North Shore. His take on the Chicago-style hot dog has people coming back for more.

Chicago dog at Dr Dawg8. Recipe: Soft ‘n chewy whole wheat ginger molasses cookies
I was surprised to see this was one of the top posts of the year. But it received quite a bit of Twitter traffic among the healthy eaters out there for using whole wheat flour. Plus, who doesn’t like a really soft cookie?

9. DIY: Elegant Farmer Apple Pie In A Paper Bag
I really owe the popularity of this post to my friend, Karin Balke, who was nice enough to share her great experience of recreating an Elegant Farmer apple pie with all of the blog’s readers.

Pie out of the oven.10. Review: Pat’s Rib Place
My year started off with Pat’s Rib Place in Waukesha, Wis., and now it’s ending with it, too. It’s hands-down one of the best places to grab some BBQ in southeast Wisconsin.

The pulled pork sandwich at Pat's Rib PlaceTo you and your family, I hope you have a happy and healthy 2011 (and that it brings some great eats, too)!

Editor’s note: I’ll be back tomorrow with my New Year’s Resolution!


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