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Best Places for Food Porn

OK, stop laughing. We all look at porn. Food porn. We love those gratuitous images of savory meats slathered in fresh herbs and a wine demiglace, or the innocent sexiness of a sugary, sweet cupcake draped in billowy buttercream frosting.

Don’t lie. You love looking at food photos just as much as I do. You watch Food Network at the gym while you’re running miles on the treadmill but deep inside you hope the people behind you on the ellipticals aren’t judging you for your channel selection.

I wanted to share some of my favorite places to find those guilty-pleasure, tongue tingling images of culinary greatness in cyberspace:

Pinterest screenshotPinterest. Yes, it has great, great images of food. But really, it’s just a gateway to other blogs and websites that are really the masters of food porn. You can follow me here.

foodgawker screenshotfoodgawker. This is probably my favorite, favorite guilty pleasure. Whenever I’m hankering for something tasty, I log on and am bombarded with huge images of gastronomic bliss.

Other contenders:

I admit, a few of my photos (if not a good majority of them) could probably make it on that website since most are taken with an iPhone 4S. But to avoid having your stroganoff look like a creature from the Black Lagoon, here are some tips on how to take better food snapshots.

Video – How to take great photos using your iPhone

What’s your favorite website to look at food? Let me know in the comments below!

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Life and Dining at Downton Abbey

Credit: (C) Carnival Film & Television Limited 2011 for MASTERPIECELike millions of others around the world, I am addicted to the hit drama, “Downton Abbey,” shown on PBS here in the States and ITV across the pond. It centers around the luxurious estate led by Lord Grantham, his wife Cora, their three daughters, grandma (played by the wonderfully delightful Maggie Smith), a new heir apparent (the handsome Dan Stevens) and all of the servants who tend to their every need.

Addicted is probably an understatement when I talk about my love for “Downton.” Since I began watching the show, shortly before Christmas, I have read the companion book authored by Jessica Fellowes (the niece of show creator Julian Fellowes) entitled “The World of Downton Abbey.” I’ve scoured the internet for information about the tours at Highclere Castle in England where the series is filmed. I’ve Tweeted, Facebooked and otherwise badgered anyone (dear hubby especially) who would listen about this spectacular show. Now, I’m taking my love about ‘DA’ to my blog, where I want to talk about Edwardian era food and how it’s portrayed on ‘Downton.’

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My Culinary Bucketlist

I started thinking this weekend about what would be on my culinary bucketlist. What foods or culinary-related experiences do I want to try before I die.

There are just so many things I still want to do in my life. Leaving North America is tops on the list. I have always dreamed of touring Venice, London, Madrid, Tokyo and so many other destinations, each with their own unique food experiences. Yet, there are so many parts of this country I still want to experience like trekking down Route 66 and coasting up the Pacific Coast Highway.

Below is just my working list that I have started to compile about things I’d love to try in my lifetime. I thought posting them on my 31st birthday would be a good kick to get started on some of ’em…
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A Little Glimpse at Disney World Food

I am currently writing from the line of “The Voyage of the Little Mermaid” show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We’ve been enjoying some great food that when I return you’ll hear all about. In the mean time here are a few quick snapshots so far:

Breakfast at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Love me some Mickey waffles.

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