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My Culinary Bucketlist

I started thinking this weekend about what would be on my culinary bucketlist. What foods or culinary-related experiences do I want to try before I die.

There are just so many things I still want to do in my life. Leaving North America is tops on the list. I have always dreamed of touring Venice, London, Madrid, Tokyo and so many other destinations, each with their own unique food experiences. Yet, there are so many parts of this country I still want to experience like trekking down Route 66 and coasting up the Pacific Coast Highway.

Below is just my working list that I have started to compile about things I’d love to try in my lifetime. I thought posting them on my 31st birthday would be a good kick to get started on some of ’em…
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Inside Disneyland’s Club 33

Hidden in the streets of New Orleans Square at Disneyland in California is a restaurant so exclusive that most park guests don’t even know it exists. Sadly, I must admit that I will probably never have the chance to experience the secrecy, majesty and history behind Club 33, so when I saw a review of it pop up in my Twitter feed today, I was giddy with delight.

Tony Spittell presents a Disney Culinary Quest on the DisUnplugged Blog, and his review of Disneyland’s Club 33 presents all the grandeur and spectacle of one of Walt’s greatest visions.

Located at 33 Royal Street, just steps from the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean and the Blue Bayou Restaurant, Club 33 is a members-only respite, and the only location at Disneyland park to serve alcoholic beverages.

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Disneyland’s Haunted Gingerbread House

I just had to share this really cool video of Disneyland chefs creating a gingerbread house for The Haunted Mansion for the Halloween season.

During Halloween, The Haunted Mansion transforms into a world out of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with Jack Skellington and Sally. Each year, they place a gingerbread house in the ballroom scene of the ride. This year’s theme was a tombstone. It measures six feet tall and four feet wide. It looks like it’s decorated with candy but it’s really fondant and royal icing.

The gingerbread house took a team of three chefs, electricians, designers and engineers to create.

Happy Halloween!