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Hello, Boston!

Well, I have safely made it to my new abode just outside Boston, Mass.

Hubby and I have settled in lovely Salem (yes, that witch trial place). From what I’ve heard, I just need to take Halloween off because hundreds of thousands of people flock to the city like crazies. Hmm, I’m getting flashbacks to some nights at Summerfest…

I know it has been much too long since my last post. Some unforeseen interweb connectivity issues have needed to be fixed. Still not 100% right, but hopefully we’ll be getting there soon.

Because of those issues, this post won’t have the usual photos and multimedia. (I hope I can add some at a later date…) But, I couldn’t wait to post and talk to you all so as promised, here I am with my Top 10 List of food-related things that I can’t wait for in Boston/New England:

10. Kane’s Donuts, 120 Lincoln Ave., Saugus, Mass.
Move over Dunkin’ Donuts. MSN recently named it one of the top 10 donut shops in the country. Kane’s Donuts has been baking donuts and coffee rolls since 1955. My hubby came home from work and told me about their fabulous cinnamon rolls. He said it was huge enough to slice into 8 pieces of ooey, goeey sweetness. Oooh, yea!

9. The Barking Crab
You’ve read the review. Now, I’m ready to call The Barking Crab my go-to place for a seafood kick when I’m in Boston. Located just steps from Boston’s Children’s Museum, this little shack is more than just another hole in the wall. Be sure to check out their monstrous lobster!

8. Chinatown
If you’ve been a reader for long, you’ll know my love for Chinatowns. I’m excited to have one of the last Chinatowns in the US just about 30 minutes away from my front door. From places like China Pearl to Pho Pasteur, there’s no reason why you can’t fill your need for excellent Asian cuisine in Bean Town.

7. Kelly’s Roast Beef
The original restaurant is on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean on Revere Beach. But stop by any one of Kelly’s Roast Beef’s restaurants and enjoy the original roast beef sandwich. One of the first things I tried when back in town, the beef is sliced thin, tender and juicy. You think roast beef sandwiches are full of salty, beefy flavor? Think again. Add a little bit or horseradish and some American cheese, and you have a full-blown flavor extravaganza on your hands. Or, opt to try one of their fried seafood platters. Any way you go, you’re in for a treat!

6. Maine lobsters
There’s not one specific place I have in mind to try but just a short jaunt up I-93 and you’ve entered true lobster country in Maine. I can’t wait to try a true Maine lobster roll with all the fixin’s.

5. Super 88
One of the largest Asian grocery stores in the Boston area, this is the place to find all the necessities so I can make some Filipino comfort foods at home. I’ve already got on my shopping list: a new bamboo steamer, some Asian-style soup bowls, Jasmine rice, Hoisin sauce, patis and soy. Oh, how can I forget the sio pao (the steamed buns with various fillings)?

4. Spike’s Junkyard Dogs
One of my favorite haunts when I lived in Allston (on the B line between Boston University and Boston College), Spike’s Junkyard Dogs has some of the best hot dogs anywhere. Their beefy dogs are loaded with a cornucopia of toppings and then placed on a monstrous, fluffy bun. Don’t forget to get a side of their curly fries.

3. Finale
With a few locations in Boston, this is the place if you have a sweet tooth. Indulge in their fabulous sampler platter or try one of their large desserts. Or, you can enjoy some wine or coffee as you let the world go by.

2. Redbones BBQ
Located in Somerville, Mass., just a few minutes from the Harvard University campus, Redbones BBQ is one of those meals I will never forget and that I have been longing for.  The pulled pork, beef brisket, corn bread and iced tea are out of this world. I have been dreaming of this meal to come for nearly 6 years.

1. The North End
I can’t pick just one place in Boston’s North End, or Little Italy. There are too many great dining establishments, bars and shops to choose. From Pizzeria Regina’s crispy brick oven pizzas to the sweet and crunchy cannolis at Mike’s Pastries, I will love driving into the city for a little slice of Europe. Hmm, that wouldn’t make a bad 30th birthday present in January…

Thank you for being so patient with me as I get my internet issues resolved. I hope to back up and running full-speed ASAP! I can’t wait to start reviewing some of these great new restaurants and places with you all!!

Happy eating!


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