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Recipe: Easy Cinnamon Rolls with Icing

Quick cinnamon rolls with buttermilk icingI have only used yeast once in my life – way back in my 7th grade home economics class when we baked pretzels. Since then, I have had a fear of using yeast on my own, which has left me feeling guilty whenever I see a recipe for breads, buns and some cakes.

So, when I saw a Tweet before the New Year from America’s Test Kitchen about a quick cinnamon bun with buttermilk icing, I was enticed to try it. It didn’t call for any yeast so I wouldn’t be toiling away for hours on New Year’s Day making these for our houseguests.

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Hello, Boston!

Well, I have safely made it to my new abode just outside Boston, Mass.

Hubby and I have settled in lovely Salem (yes, that witch trial place). From what I’ve heard, I just need to take Halloween off because hundreds of thousands of people flock to the city like crazies. Hmm, I’m getting flashbacks to some nights at Summerfest…

I know it has been much too long since my last post. Some unforeseen interweb connectivity issues have needed to be fixed. Still not 100% right, but hopefully we’ll be getting there soon.

Because of those issues, this post won’t have the usual photos and multimedia. (I hope I can add some at a later date…) But, I couldn’t wait to post and talk to you all so as promised, here I am with my Top 10 List of food-related things that I can’t wait for in Boston/New England:

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