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Review: The Philly Way

Philly Way ExteriorEven though I’m in New England now, I still have a few reviews of Milwaukee-area restaurants to post. Today, let’s take a look at a great sandwich stop near downtown.

The Philly Way has two locations – the original, situated under the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower on S. 2nd St., and the newest spot on S. Packard Ave. in Cudahy, Wis.

The first location opened in December 2002 by Philly transplant Dave London, who once worked at Pat’s in South Philly.

Today, many Philly natives and cheese steak connoisseurs post their reviews on sites like Urbanspoon and Yelp saying that The Philly Way is as close to the real thing as you can get.

The menu is quite simple. Cheese steaks made with shaved beef, grilled onions and your choice of other toppings like mushrooms, cheese, and sweet or hot peppers. The Philly Way also does chicken cheese steaks, burgers and hot dogs.

The restaurant is quite small. A few tables inside and then a covered patio with some additional tables. However, they only take cash. There’s an ATM on-site but come prepared for high fees to feed your cheese steak craving.

Kitchen at the Philly WayThere’s an open kitchen at the restaurant so you can see your sandwich being made right in front of you. You can also see the employees taking their smoke breaks behind the building, but I suppose that just adds to the ambience.

The cheesesteak at the Philly Way.When you order your cheese steak, beware. They all come with fried onions, so if you don’t want ’em, tell ’em in advance. Also, you have your choice of three cheeses: provolone, white American or Cheez Whiz. Yes, it sounds weird, but Cheez Whiz in all its ooey gooey glory is the best. Or, if you can’t decide, you can opt for all three in the Cheese Lover’s cheese steak.

The buns are soft and with all the meat and toppings don’t hold up too well to everything loaded on top. So, be prepared to do your best “Philly Stoop,” or else you’ll have a shirt full of steak, cheese and goo. My preference is to get the original cheese steak with fried onions, mushrooms and Cheez Whiz.

For you hearty eaters out there, you can try to finish The Philly Way’s unofficial competition – four original cheese steaks, a hamburger and a hot dog. Apparently, there’s a man from Milwaukee’s North Shore who has done it. So when I was there the last time I asked one of the employees about it. It sounds like he went on a huge diet after the feat and hasn’t been back except for an occasional sandwich.

So for a little trip to the East coast, try The Philly Way. Check out their website at Both locations offer delivery service during the lunch hour.


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