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6 New England Things To Try

We have been in Boston now for a little over 3 months. I’m getting comfortable with work and the new home, but now I need to get acquainted with some new food items.

Here are 6 things that I want to try (sooner rather than later):

Lobster Roll

Once the weather gets better, we’re going to head up the coast to Maine. I was so little when my family took me to Maine as a kid – not quite lobster-eating age yet. So, I’ve never had a lobster roll – a hoagie-style roll piled high with chunks of fresh lobster and mayo.

Adam Richman visited Portland, Maine on a season of “Man v. Food” and hit up a cozy little place on the beach called (appropriately) the Lobster Shack that serves up more than 150 fresh crustaceans each day.

Lobster Pie

You can order lobster pie from

Lobster Pie

Along the lines of the lobster roll, one thing I had never heard of until moving to New England was a lobster pie. According to Yankee magazine, a lobster pie is bite-sized pieces of lobster, mixed with lots of butter, a little wine, flour, half and half, and egg yolks. It’s baked and then topped with Ritz crackers, paprika, Parmesan cheese, and of course, more melted butter.

Chicken Pie

I love a good chicken pot pie, and in New England you can find chicken pies everywhere. One of the most famous is Harrow’s Chicken Pies on Boston’s North Shore. Since 1930, this family has been making homemade gravy and slow-cooking chicken to stuff in their pies. You can call for takeout or stop by and pick one up frozen. Pies come in four sizes – single, double, family and jumbo.

Just look at that flaky crust and the creamy center:

Harrow Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie from Harrow's

And, how can you not buy a pie from these guys?

Whoopie Pie

There seems to be a theme on this list with pies. So my third, and final pie, on this list is the Whoopie Pie. A sweet treat that is two chocolate cookies sandwiched around a white, fluffy pastry cream center. It’s like a chewy Oreo cookie, right? Whatever it is, it sounds uh-maze-ing!

Fenway Frank

I’m biased about my ballpark food. I love Miller Park sausages. But, the war still rages between NYC and Boston – what is better the Yankee Dog or the Fenway Frank? A Fenway Frank is boiled and then served with mustard and ketchup. Nothing fancy. Surprisingly, I can’t find any reviews of the dog. Must put that as a priority on my list (especially since the Brewers are hitting Fenway this June).

Shabu Shabu

I love heading to Chinatown any chance I get. So when I was watching “Phantom Gourmet” the other day and saw this dining experience, I knew I had to try it. Shabu shabu is similar to the fondue experience. You basically cook your own meats. At Shabu Zen in Boston’s Chinatown (another location in Allston), there are cooking pots built into your table or the counter where you cook Kobe beef, jumbo lobster, King crab legs and other delights.

Here’s a little video to demonstrate the experience: (P.S. I don’t know the people who made this video at all)


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